Watch Servicing

It is recommended by the federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH that mechanical watches are cleaned and serviced every three years to ensure accurate timekeeping. Quartz watches also have moving parts which also require regular maintenance.

Why Does My Watch Need Servicing?

The movement of your watch needs to be serviced periodically. Watches are designed to provide accurate and reliable service over a long period. However like any sensitive precision instrument it will need periodic service to ensure that it functions perfectly.

Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop. A full service at Hancocks ensures your watch is restored to its original condition and manufacturers specifications. Before carrying out a service one of our highly skilled watchmakers conduct a thorough examination of the movement to determine which procedures will be necessary to ensure that your watch will continue to run accurately for years to come.

What Happens During a Watch Service?

When servicing your watch at R Hancocks Watch and Clock Ltd we fully strip the movement and every individual component is cleaned and worn parts replaced. The components are then reassembled, lubricated and all functions tested regulated and sealed back into the ultrasonically cleaned case. Testing takes place over a 7 day period where timekeeping, positional error regulation and power reserves are tested.

Our highly skilled watchmakers use classic techniques and state of the art equipment to service and maintain your timepiece to the highest standard. You can rest assured your watch is in safe hands. All our watchmakers are qualified with the British Horological Institute and we have been in the business for over 60

We are so confident in our services that we are proud to offer a One Year Guarantee on all our watch repairs and Services.