Clock Repairs

Aside for the clock case all mechanical clocks consist of 5 Basic Components. The drive system with an energy source (weight and spring) and the respective winding mechanism.

A time Display comprising the dial and the hands (hour and minute hand and in some cases special displays like second hand moon phase and date.
The regulator (constant speed controller) the escapement and the clock gears.

Depending on type of movement additional trains of gears may control the hour strike and quarter hour melody chime. The clock movement combines clock gears, additional gear trains. Escapement and depending on the type of movement an integrated regulator (balance wheel) Drive Systems and Chime modules in one unit.

What we do

All clocks undergoing a service are fully striped down to start the cleaning process. To repair damage caused by wear we Polish the Pivot and Re-Bush the Bearings. As bearing holes wear overtime, they must be drilled out and replaced with a hole of the correct size, this process is called re-bushing.

The movement is either hand or ultrasonically cleaned, dependant on the accumulated dust etc. found. All lubricants will be replaced meaning your clock is re-oiled. After this process is finished your clock will undergo a period of testing to ensure it runs correctly and the timekeeping is spot on.